Published Works


Floor Uproar    or   Direct Download

As the first project that I have done in the Unreal game engine, I found this enjoyable and interesting to make. Learning the terminology and methods was simpler than I had expected, but my prior experience from Unity helped a lot. This is a polished version of my unreal submission.

Hidden World Tour AR

Scan Target jpeg original

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A Uni project that was aimed at the elderly. This was achieved by making the game easy to use and memorable. This is aimed to get people interested in new technology with some technical and design considerations for the older generation especially.

My role was the Producer and Lead Programmer for this project.


Colour Swipe

colour swipe header

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This is a small solo project that I had in mind about using a tinder like swiping mechanic to progress in the game but also trying to keep it simple by just including four directions.