HYPD Arena


My Role was as a Virtual Reality Gaming Support Staff member over the summer of 2019. Working with both, customers and virtual reality almost everyday.

– Overseeing UNIVRSE Virtual Reality gaming area.
– Technical consultant on Virtual Reality issues.
– Set-up of headsets, consoles & monitors with general maintenance on each.
– Assisting customers with Virtual Reality headsets and individual set up for games.

– Offered the same position again at a different location.
– Still in contact with my old management and co-workers.


This project was started after wanting to improve my level designer abilities. In response to that I recreated the layout of my summer job working at an Exports arena at Lakeside Shopping Center called HYPD Arena.

Below I have given a link to allow you to explore the environment for yourself.

HYPD Arena Build



University of East London


The first years came to the third years to learn more about the Unity game engine. Organised and co-run by a friend on the course, teaching the first years was fun and rewarding. All participants created a game by the end of the session.