Play your way Casino (Solo)

This upcoming project is designed to be played as both a normal 3D PC game and a VR title.

It will have three different casino games for players to try with a full upgrade system that builds the casino around you.


The first of the three playable games, Slots. These spinners allow for probabilities and different payout rewards.


The second of the three playable games, Roulette. This is completely random and uses both animation and physics to pull off the effect.

Level Design Iteration

On the left is the original size and scale of the project. This wasn’t ideal for the vision for the project. While the space was more than adiquate to fill the requirements for the three planned games, the scale was too small for a casino. While the right hand picture is not anywhere near completion it shows the difference in scale and gravitas that is more familiar with these kinds of buildings.

This doesn’t mean that the left won’t make an appearance in the game as it will be a good way to show progression to the player, by building up their surroundings.

Virtual Reality

As stated previously, the project is designed for both standard 3D and VR capabilities and currently only has limited functionality but this is a key part of the final product.