The Awakening Of Thorus (University)

This is a combined effort of a year long university project. My role was Technical Lead. I was responsible for all of the programming and combination of the entire project. This became more difficult when dealing with the Global Pandemic but I believe it came together quite nicely considering.

My role specifically consisted of the programming of these aspects of the game.
– Player movement (Dash, Teleport and Double Jump)
– Weapons (Created a IDE Weapon creation and modification system,  Grenade)
– AI (Movement (Raycast, point-based and Navmesh), Attacks (State-machine, Enemy variation dependent on difficulty))
– Optimization (Object pooling, Asynchronous Level Loading, Occlusion)
– Difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard settings that effect quantity and health of all enemies)
– Narrative (Subtitles, Voice line system and triggers)
– Puzzles


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The Awakening of Thorus Design Document